Musing-Women and Tools

Men make fun of women because they either don’t own tools or don’t know how to use them.  I have been the recipient of the muffled male chuckle.  It is the laugh that both shows amusement (aw she’s cute) and reaffirms his manhood and ability at the same time.

We women do have tools and moreover we know how to use them.  Do we not have shoes? Shoe heels make good hammers and don’t leave pesky hammer marks.  And don’t we have tweezers and other implements?  They work just as well as any Phillips and flathead screwdrivers.  They may take more time but for someone with small hands like me they are easier to handle.

But men shake their heads thinking I’d be thrilled to receive a (box, container, bunch?) of tools (ok they wouldn’t say thrilled).  Every once in a while one of them gets the idea to give tools as a gift.  (squirming here…) Dearest men, how can I say this.  We appreciate that you care enough about us to take care of our, um, maintenance needs and yes we might even enjoy them if they came in a pretty pink carrying case, no one is disputing that.  We would even find it very sexy indeed if you showed us how to use them, who knows what that could lead to?  What you simply need to understand is that they just need to be accompanied by a diamond tennis bracelet or a nice handbag.



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5 responses to “Musing-Women and Tools

  1. Just this weekend I told Lorenzo that there are a few tools he doesn’t know how to use: the vacuum and the toilet brush. He found that amusing (chuckle)

  2. Dave N

    Yes we give you tools so we can use them 🙂

  3. Sue B.

    Nice Dana! I’m now a “follower”:)

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