Daylight Savings

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Why must we lose an hour of our day on one of the two most cherished days of the week, a Sunday?  It has to be put into action on a desperately needed weekend right?

Would it not be better to lose an hour at say 4pm on a Friday afternoon, giving the good people of this country, except those of you from Arizona and Hawaii who were smart enough not to observe it in the first place, a jump start to the weekend?

While we are at it, why not just make it fun all round and take the hour we gain in the Autumn and place it squarely on a Monday morning.



I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year. — Victor Borge

Yes I’d like to report a crime! It seems that whilst I slept, some bastard broke in and stole an hour! –my friend Dave

Change the batteries in your smoke alarms.–my Grandmother



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2 responses to “Daylight Savings

  1. I got up this morning and set all the clocks one hour closer to cocktail time. This works for me.

  2. Hey! That does make the change palatable doesn’t it. Cheers!

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