Prayers for Muamba

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For those who don’t know British football player, Fabrice Muamba, he is from the Congo and plays for Bolton. He was in a match against Tottenham in England yesterday. The ball was in play on the other side of the field when he collapsed.  The team and crowd seemed to know in an instant that something was wrong and play stopped immediately.

This young man of 23 had gone into cardiac arrest, stopped breathing and it took a long time to resuscitate him. Muamba was quickly attended to by the paramedics, police and with help of CPR and a defibrillator. His teammates covered their faces or put hand to heart as the shock of what was happening sunk in.  Paramedics took him out of the stadium by stretcher, and as Muamba lie between life and death, heaven and earth, 35,000 people chanted his name.  Muamba was admitted to the London Chest Hospital and remains in critical condition in ICU at this time.  He has been anesthetized to keep him as stable as possible.  Shocking events for all who were at the match or who saw this on television as resuscitation started right there on the field.  Sad that such a young and talented man would have this happen to him when he is in the prime of his life and top of his game and heartbreaking for his family who may have been at the game or watching tv, helplessly

I am having such a hard time letting this news go and have tried all day to figure it out. It is very sad, very shocking and I’m praying that he will recover. These 24 hours are the most critical after a heart attack and everyone who knows is holding their breath.

But if that wasn’t enough to bring tears to my eyes it was watching his team, his fans, other teams and all fans in England and around the world who stopped to pray and offer their thoughts and best wishes for a quick recovery for Fabrice Muamba. Old rivalries were set aside as was the intense tunnel visioned competitive nature that is so a part of football these days.  Other football clubs wore shirts that read “Pray for Muamba” and all over England there has been an outpouring of love for this tender aged professional athlete.

I think it is the human-ness, the stopping to put our problems, hopes and dreams on hold to be there for someone else, the show of love and thoughtfulness that really got me, especially for a country not known for outward displays of emotion. The only good thing that comes from tragedies like this is that people stop to feel and remember what’s truly important in life and how precious life really is. It is the coming together with one voice, one wish and a shared sense of purpose.  I saw it myself during and after September 11th and it makes you realize that underneath the problems, materialism and everyday tasks, this is who we are and what has made us survive as a species. Our compassion is the greatest gift we have and if we used it more the world would be a gentler more loving place.  Right now a lot of love is being directed at Fabrice Muamba and I hope that he feels it. I hope that his heart is healing and I hope everyone understands that when you give love, you heal your own heart as well.



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4 responses to “Prayers for Muamba

  1. Peacebeing

    Thank You for sharing this story, I’ll add Muamba to my prayers. Thank you also for your reminding all of us of the impotance of caring for and showing compassion to others. We need to be reminded and remember that what we do for others we do for ourselves as well…we are all connected there is only the “one”. Nothing is so satisfying as when we give to others, especially when we do it without judgement. I so appreciate your eloquent blog.

  2. purpleowltree1234

    I Totally agree that “our compassion is the greatest gift we have.” Beautifully expressed. ❤

    • Thanks very much, this one meant a lot to me. He had been “dead” for 78 minutes and thought to have brain damage.Good news, he’s out of hospital and doing much better and there are no lingering concerns about oxygen deprivation or brain damage!! Except for having to take it easy, he’s almost back to normal!

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