Earth Hour Tonight-What Will You Do

Thousands will be getting out the candles and turning off their lights at 8:30pm tonight including: governments, the Empire State Building, the UN, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and more. All over the world people will be in the dark for one hour to unite and bring attention to sustainability. What will you do with your hour in the dark?

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5 responses to “Earth Hour Tonight-What Will You Do

  1. Didn’t know that. Going to bed by 8:30pm sounds like a delightful idea to me 🙂
    If that doesn’t work out I might just go raid some other controversial bloggers and start stirring things

  2. lol I vote for bed! Or, gazing at your million dollar bike wheels 😀

    I first thought, hmm, my laptop battery is charged so I can still use use it but am going cold turkey and unplugging completely for 1 hour!

  3. I couldn’t sleep 😦
    All I can think about are those wheels, which will get here on Monday…hehehe. Okay, back to bed I go.

  4. Dave N

    Have to admit I didn’t turn off at 8.30pm, but I did stay switched on for a good reason, had to be online at 9.00pm to make sure I ‘won’ an auction for some very nice fish, by doing so I am doing my little bit for sustainability in helping to sustain an endangered species (my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

  5. “Earth hour” is a great concept for making people aware of how much power we use. I endorse it because of this and I think it is an important and effective tool.
    However, I think that it is a bit useless as a means to actually save power as it does not change human behaviour. If every household were to turn off every non essential electrical item, we would not only save a lot of power, but this would be ongoing, every day. But many appliances now come with lights that stay on unless shut off at the switch, necessitating a total reset of the settings when switched back on (annoying, so people understandably, won’t do this).
    Turning off the monitor on one’s computer and unplugging unused devices with lights is an easy way to have an earth (many) hours every day! And if you are really keen, you could earn some more “hours” by riding a bike and/or using public transport to get to work!!

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