You’ve Been Freshly Pressed, Now What?

My Year In A Cubicle-screen shot

Well, I’m not going to Disney World, I know that much.

If you thought I’d follow up with an intellectual essay or reflective poem you’ve got to be kidding.  Last Friday was one of the best days of my life and yes I’m writing about it.

I had written about cubicle life and oh! the irony. There I sat in my dark cubicle last Friday morning, toiling away, when I stopped to check my iPhone for blog stats, wondering if anyone at all had checked out my latest creation.  I was shocked when I saw I had a full email inbox and hundreds of hits on WP.  My heart quickened and with bated breath, I checked WordPress to see if indeed the literary Gods had smiled upon me. Sure enough, I’d been Freshly Pressed!  To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I couldn’t jump up and down or yell it from the rooftops as I really wanted to. No, I sat stifled as the number of hits increased exponentially and my ability to concentrate and breathe decreased considerably!  I had to take an early lunch to take it all in and call family and friends with the great news. The funny thing was I told them that I had 256 views, then 500 views, not realizing that number would grow to almost 5,000 each day!  Thank you WordPress for doing it on a Friday. I don’t think I could have functioned if this occurred in the middle of the week, I would have had to take vacation days to recuperate.

I went to a restaurant, where I could focus and read one fantastic comment after the next. I know I had a permanent smile on my face and can only imagine what other patrons were thinking. I loved reading about other people who commiserated about being stuck in a cubicles themselves, shared the ridiculousness they’d experienced and were generous enough to praise my work. Woo hoo, this is fantastic, I thought. I felt as if I’d hit the lottery and I think I now have a vague idea of what winning the lottery is like as I walked around hardly able to breathe, unbelieving that this wonderful thing was happening to me.  I managed to limp through the rest of the afternoon while more comments, likes and followers flowed into my reality. Answer the phone? Send a fax? Are you kidding? I have followers. There are people out there who appreciate my writing and WordPress, in their infinite wisdom, actually read my post and felt it worthy enough to highlight it on Freshly Pressed as a sample of good work!  An achievement I thought was years down the road.  I still smile when I think of that.

I longed to be home with laptop in hand to savor it fully.  Of course, someone up there has a sense of humor and strategically placed a student driver in my path for most of the ride home.  Friends, I’m not proud of this but I must come clean. I hit the gas and passed the child driver on the left and on a two lane road, embellished with double yellow lines.  As I said, I’m not proud of it. I reasoned that I was a good example of what not to do and hoped the driving instructor had pointed this out.

Once home I settled in for the evening to read the comments I received. They were funny, enlightening, witty, generous, creative and cheeky (you know who you are).  Spending an evening with writers from all over the world was amazing. I had the Diana Ross song “Sweetest Hangover” in my head and do feel drunk from the experience.  I was so awash in attention that it was dizzying, a cascade of interest and praise as well as sharing of experience and connecting with other writers which has been overwhelming in the very best sense.

There were times during these glorious past 3 days that there were 50-100 people viewing my post at time. It was unreal and a ride of a lifetime.

What is the etiquette when one is Freshly Pressed? I had to Google to get up to speed. Common sense told me that I should respond to any comment or congratulations that I got which proved challenging with so many coming in at once.  I felt that it was most important to respond to anyone who took time out of their own lives to comment on mine and to say that I appreciate that is such an understatement.  Knowing full well that this may never happen again, I really want everyone to know what their acknowledgement and validation has meant. I’ve been humbled by the outpouring, encouragement and enthusiasm you have shown me.  This experience has opened my eyes to many interesting people and blogs out there and I was planning to check those blogs out out as soon as possible, which….I now find will be sooner than I thought was possible!  Views had been coming in at record speed and I actually thought I’d have even more today than yesterday which was unbelievable in and of itself. However, I have since been moved to the Freshly Pressed second page which I think should be called Day Old Press or Yesterday’s News because hits dropped dramatically, from dozens every few minutes to a few every half hour and the writing, I can see, is on the wall. Currently I’m limping along and I expect that very soon I will relegated and return from whence I came. Oh, if you could see the stats, it’s so sad.

The strangest thing in the world has been how this has messed with my thoughts.  At first I was elated, as I said.  Then, like a junkie, I got used to the high of it all and in 3 short days, it started to feel “normal” to have thousands of people viewing my work.  And now, like any drug addict would attest, my binge is headed for the inevitable crash. I can see Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief before me and it’s started already. I see my numbers slipping and part of me is saying noooooo, not yet, just one more day.  Please! One more day, I’ll do anything (Bargaining). Then, no this can’t be happening. It’s only been 3 days, no this can’t be right.  Don’t they keep posts up for a week? (Denial) I don’t think it was enought time for Anger or Depression.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for rock stars and stage actors who are put out to pasture after decades of getting attention. I can see that 3 days of intense focus was enough of a treat without having any of the “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeMille” psychological side effects that accompany it. Decadent and fleeting though it was, I will cherish this experience and always be grateful to WordPress and everyone who clicked ‘like’, made a comment or decided to follow me (Acceptance!). I raise my glass to you with a big thank you and the wish that I’ll see all of you on Freshly Pressed very soon.



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29 responses to “You’ve Been Freshly Pressed, Now What?

  1. I wait for the day when we’re both out of the Cube and comisserating about our literary work like our clock-punching days never happened. Congrats for getting one step closer.

    • Ohhhh! I love that idea, lets! As in, God, I have to make this deadline, they’re breathing down my neck. Or, now they want a 3rd book, I don’t know if I have a 3rd one in me. : ) Thanks very much, Brian. Good luck to you as well.

  2. Congrats and thanks for the run-down on how this works. You wanna hear something pathetic? I don’t even know how freshly pressed works. I just know its a big ass deal. I assume my pictures aren’t exotic enough. At least now I know if / when it happens to me that I should enjoy every second!!!

    • Thanks and you’re welcome! I don’t know how it works either! There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as new and old bloggers are chosen. WordPress has suggestions on how to get picked however my blog didn’t really follow any of those other than not having typos! Keep doing what you love and people will notice one way or another. I am still stunned that it happened.

  3. Well deserved!! And here’s the ‘laugh out loud’ I got this time: “I hit the gas and passed the child driver on the left and on a two lane road, embellished with double yellow line. As I said, I’m not proud of it. I reasoned that I was a good example of what not to do and hoped the driving instructor had pointed this out.” What makes you so good is that you really share yourself and I don’t doubt you will be Freshly Pressed many times over!

    • Awwww, thank you Shellie, you’re so good to me!! Yes, love using my life as fodder. Take the shameful, cringe-worthy, disappointing moments and make them fun I say : )

  4. This is probably one of the funniest yet most sincere reflections about being Freshly Pressed I have seen so far (note: that I have seen so far. And I haven’t been on WordPress for that long so….). Thanks for making me laugh this morning and congrats again! You totally deserved it. 🙂

  5. purpleowltree1234

    I was beginning to wonder in the back of my mind if you’d just had this wave of genius ability at making your life sound Extremely Funny. But no, you’re still doing it! I’m totally hooked. I’ve read ALL your Blog and I’m dying for the next post!! I’m going to have to figure out how to share your Blog from my Blog so when people need a laugh over at my place, they can visit your place! 🙂 You’re just so funny and witty and quirky that you MUST be followed!! I’m pretty sure a lot of us who signed on with your Freshly Pressed achievement, will be here to stay now- like bad smells you couldn’t get rid of even if you tried! Even if you’re Day-old Pressed or Long-ago Pressed. When we find something as entertaining as your Blog, we don’t let it go. 😉 Tell me when you’ve written a sit com or a book. Do Not stop writing!!! 🙂
    Love from Rach

    • You will be the first to know, I promise! Blogging was a way for me to test out my writing on people and see if any of it works so I’m really floored at the response I’m getting. LOL @ wave of genius. I have a propensity for exaggeration which lends itself well to writing. I have a piece I started about that and that might be my next one as it will better explain me I think. This post could be tighter but really wanted people to know how much I appreciate the support. The pressure is on Rach, I hope I don’t dissapoint!!

      • purpleowltree1234

        Exaggeration, genius, whatever it takes! 🙂 I think as long as you are entertaining yourself, we’ll be entertained along with you. 🙂 I reckon people will start publishing books that are very much like Blogs, in the near future, if they aren’t already. Your writing is so readable, and each paragraph makes me Have to read the next. If I had a book of this in my hands, I’d be doing an all-nighter cuz I couldn’t put it down. 🙂 I’m so happy I’m along for your ride! 🙂 Love form Rach

  6. Your writing style makes me feel like I’m actually living it! You are a beautiful writer, funny, thoughful, and always giving back to your readers. I’m gonna say another controversial stuff here 🙂
    You are not the lucky one, I think all ll the new fans are lucky to have found you 🙂
    And you know I mean every word of it.

  7. Hi, I first stumbled into your blog when your brilliant post was highlighted on Freshly Pressed. I must say I was impressed by your way of writing and your sense of humor. And, believe me, I very rarely say or think that someone (else eheheheh) writes interesting posts! I read your post, identified myself totally with you in a cubicle and became a follower of your blog. I am now looking forward every day for new posts! Keep up the good work!

    • That is high praise indeed thank you very much. I am discriminating in many ways as well and know what you mean. For that reason alone your comments blew me away. I always feel like I’m not a “real” writer as it’s more of a hobby and I’ve never written professionally so the feedback I’ve been getting has been such a buoy. Thank you for following. I hope I can continue to entertain. I just checked out your blog and was so excited to see that it is written in Italian. I’ll be visiting as I’m trying to keep the little I know active in my brain! Grazie mille Eireen.

  8. Sid

    You seem to have experienced the highs and the lows of fame and glory. 🙂
    Despite the short span of 3 days, which I think is very short indeed, the phenomenal response that you received during those 3 days must surely have been massively encouraging. Looking forward to more of your in-your-face, straightforward, honestly crisp and frank stuff…

    • I love your description of my work! It has been a rollercoaster ride, that’s for sure. I’m slowly slipping off the Freshly Pressed radar but am so grateful to have had the experience and to have met great people like you. You express yourself very well, can’t wait for you next post! Thanks again Sid!

      • Sid

        Wow that is quite a compliment coming from a Freshly Pressed blogger. I guess I now have to write very well to keep readers and bloggers like you interested in my amateur attempts at blogging. Will do my best. 🙂
        Keep writing. It certainly is worth reading at least a couple of times… 🙂

  9. It’s so interesting to connect with someone through their blog knowing you will likely never meet in person. That’s what I love about blogs. I’m not just talking about your freshly pressed piece about the purgatory of cubicle life (shared it with my wife who is also a cubicle inmate–she loved it!). You have a knack. Love your work! Love your blog! My guess is you’ll make the front page again.

    • I really liked the way you phrased your comment. That was so nice of you, thank you! Glad your wife liked it as I’m sure she can relate, send my regards and a big thank you! LOL@purgatory, good word for it.

  10. Rita

    As you know I’ve read everything you’ve ever written and have loved it all…of course you’ve never been quite sure of my compliments because I must be predjudiced…I’ve tried to make you realize that although we have a very close connection I was always being completely objective. So now you can see that I meant it all. I must say too that your writing seems to improve continuously. Maybe now you’ll believe me. Keep up the great work. You’re providing the world with much needed laughter and honesty.

  11. Haha! This is brilliant! This morning my blog was Freshly Pressed, and I messaged my dad about it. It’s strange – I wanted to tell people today “well, they love my stuff online, you know.” We are two, you and I. Two Freshly Pressed fellows headed for the bellowing static silence that will fall once we slip away from being Fresh. Ohhhh life. How it makes me giggle.

  12. Well done for being freshly pressed. I guess you deserve to bathe in your own glory and get a great kick out of it!!
    You write very well and totally deserve the AAA+++!
    All the best!

  13. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! And thanks for writing such an insightful, entertaining response to the experience. Me? I’m still waiting to be pressed. Perhaps if I bought an iron. . .

    • Thanks very much! I have fingers and toes crossed for you!! LOL@iron, hey can’t hurt right! Maybe a blog about all the things that can be freshly pressed.

  14. tactlessgracewriting

    That’s so funny, I never thought about the “day after” effect for those freshly pressed- probably somewhat akin to winning the lottery (sans, you know, money), and those are always interesting stories. Now we just need to know the process of how they actually pick people- who are these mysterious, freshly pressed gnomes?

  15. It was a great experience but no cash prize I’m afraid lol! Hmm the selection process, I think everyone wants to know that! I love your comment, thanks for checking out my blog. Unlike lottery winners I’m not down and out and living in a gutter now though I did have a case of Sciatica from spending all of last weekend trying to respond to all the people who visited my blog! It was so funny when I posted this one, I thought, oh yeah, I have to actually put in tags for anyone to see this again!

  16. Vanessa

    Well said, love reading all your posts- your honesty shines through and lights them up!

    • Aww thanks Vanessa! Didn’t realize you’ve been reading them all, have you been lurking lol I love what you wrote that is so nice!! Thanks for taking the time out to read them, really means a lot!

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