Mexican Coke-It is the real thing!

A Bottle of Mexican Coke.I was in a Mexican restaurant that prides itself on having only the freshest ingredients.  Instead of the usual cheese covered Mexican food that we all know, it was clean, crisp and delicious! My husband asked for a Coke and the question came back, “would you like to try Mexican Coke?” Mexican Coke? We didn’t know there was such a thing. So, being the adventurous travelers that we are, we tried it. Wow! I was instantly transported back to my childhood. Back to glass bottles, and the simple sugary taste of Coke shining through without the bite or aftertaste that all sodas seem to have nowadays.

It got me thinking, as most things do, about why American food and drink is so often second-rate in the ingredient department.  We seem to be the only country that accepts without question questionable even dangerous ingredients and ingredients that are genetically modified. The only reason Mexican Coke tastes different, going by the list of ingredients on the label, is that it has replaced high fructose corn syrup with cane sugar, an ingredient that is more natural and not modified. I assume the reason that Coke uses high fructose corn syrup is because it is dirt cheap, coming from the thousands of acres of genetically modified corn fields and because, frankly, we accept it where other countries don’t.

As it takes hundreds and thousands of years for species to change there is no way to know what the effects of genetically modified food is having on us, is there? It just seems to be common sense that it will have some effect as we are ingesting things that are not natural. How long will it take to adapt to the myriad of chemicals and alterations that are being thrown at us every day? It reminds me of the film the Incredible Shrinking Woman and instead of shrinking what do we see but high incidents of cancer. Does high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified food cause cancer? I don’t know, do you? Young, middle-aged and old people are getting all sorts of cancer, the prevalence is taken as normal now as cancer rates grow exponentially and we throw our hands up in the air and give millions of dollars to research as if it is such a great mystery. How can we take in all these chemicals and think it wouldn’t affect our systems? Again, I don’t know what the effects will be or have been but how can we just accept it without knowing?  I have noticed lots of these Frankenstein additives such as high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, sucralose and propolene glycol-a synthetic liquid petroleum, used in making plastic and anti-freeze and oh, it happens to be cheap and sweet and therefore used in ice creams, drinks, mustards, bacon and loads of other products. Next we’ll be seeing commercials taunting  “Don’t be silly, your body doesn’t know the difference between petroleum and sugar” Really?

I bought nuts one day and then threw them out when I realized they had sucralose on them. Why on earth would a nut need an artificial sweetener on it? There must be a reason they do this right? What is it I wonder?

Other countries have refused to have chemicals and GMOs in their foods and their governments have responded by banning them. Let me say it again. People in other countries said that GMOs scared them and that they didn’t want it in their foods and foods were pulled off shelves and banned as governments listened and acted on behalf of their people. But no, we allow them all, no matter the consequences.  For a country that is supposed to be the epitome of Democracy, why aren’t OUR voices heard when we say we don’t want Franken foods? There are some organizations out there screaming about this.

So, now we are importing an American icon, Coke, from Mexico because it IS the real thing! Thousands of people want it and stores here are already stocking it. While Americans stick their head in American sand, corporations are raking in millions on inferior products using cheaper and potentially dangerous ingredients. They are benefitting from our increasing tolerance of unpronounceable concoctions. Why don’t companies do the right thing and make their products with the finest ingredients they have access to, to begin with? I think we think that companies will really choose safety and health over greed.  It’s not going to happen people. Look what we are importing from China-lead, pesticide and chemical laden products that are making people sick every day.  I know Coke is not equivalent to carrots and celery but bravo to Mexico for providing a product people can trust and enjoy and for showing America how it’s done. That mentality is refresco! OLE!


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51 responses to “Mexican Coke-It is the real thing!

  1. Dave N

    Not only real coke but real recyclable containers…….ie GLASS bottles! Why spend millions developing bio-degradeable plastics (which degrade into ????) when glass is the original recyclable material? Could it be that bio-degradeable plastics use corn? Pretty soon America will be one huge cornfield with a factory at each corner churning out High fructose corn syrup, ethanol and bio-degradeable plastic!

    • That huge cornfield comment is very scary as there doesn’t seem to be any regulation. There actually are bio-degradables made from corn and that is actually a good use of it assuming it’s not GM though it probably is.

  2. Sid

    Again, might sound monotonous to you by now. But hey, things are far better in the US than they are over here.
    Just to cite an example along similar lines, there was a case against Pepsi India a couple of years ago because their bottles were not destroyed or disposed of properly. Street urchins picked up these bottles, used similar ingredients (or ones that tasted similar) to make the basic Pepsi and filled the bottle up with sewage water.
    To add to this misery, they even knew how to seal the bottle and make it look fresh from the company. This went into a huge nexus till it was exposed in the media.
    So, again, you are better off.. 🙂

    • That is terrible Sid! Though being a Coke person for many many years, they should have had a Coke! Just kidding, I see what you mean though I really try not to even drink soda. I guess those on the street will just get more and more creative and industrious to be able to stay alive. Wish there was more help for them 😦

      • Sid

        Hi Dana, it is indeed terrible and pitiful. The need for basic amenities drives people to such extents to do anything, and I mean anything. So, while you are worrying about fats and cancer, we are worried about a lot of other stuff. Anyway, I agree. There is no help, guidance and mentor for such people, most being too busy in their own means to earn the basic bread and butter for survival.

      • Are they talking about any plans to rectify the situation? As the population explodes it will be effecting everyone soon. My impression, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is that due to the caste system the belief is that living in poverty is one’s fate and therefore no help is provided. Are people still seen as untouchables? I saw that Oprah visited recently and there was a town of widows no one would help. Can’t imagine forsaking my own mother because her husband had died. I know there must be a certain perspective I’m not seeing so any guidance is most appreciated.

      • Sid

        Oh, well this does indeed open a Pandora’s box. There are loads of aspects here. Perhaps we could take it offline ?? (if you don’t mind that is)…

      • Sure, are you on fb or prefer email?
        What time is it there?

  3. I wish the greedy corporations would take their lead from Native
    American culture because they truly lived at one with it. They didn’t hunt animals to extinction or polute the land they lived in.
    “I was born a thousand years ago, born in the culture of bows and arrows … born in an age when people loved the things of nature and spoke to it as though it had a soul.” — Chief Dan George
    I agree that the things of nature have a soul. Great blog, as always. Keep us thinking out here girl!

    • Definitely! Thank you for that perspective! It’s so true, we can learn alot from our Native cousins! Thanks for your kind comments about the blog! I’ll do my best.

  4. When I was in Tulum (Yucatan), the safe water was produced by the Coca Cola company that has a huge facility there. So yes, a company can have better ethics and things to do than destroy health by creating toxic substances. Cancer could be a result of the interruption of liver/gall bladder and then pancreas function but certainly the sugar issue is at the root of the increase in juvenile type II diabetes. I remember when we thought ‘if they sell it in the stores it must be safe…they wouldn’t give us anything that wasn’t’ but those days left my life experience way back in the ’80s. Our country may be better than certain aspects of newly emerging nations (as one of your comments suggested) but that doesn’t excuse the fact that we are now a corporatocracy where money rules. Yes, many countries have ‘just said no’ to GMO. But they don’t have a government that appoints Monsanto big wigs to the FDA. What this does is make us totally responsible for ourselves. We have to stop seeing government as Mommy and Daddy who want the best for us and do our own research. Check out Dr. John Douillard at for very clear and good info on our health needs and keep reading labels. Buy organic and find out the good sugar substitutes…some local honey (local is important) and Stevia. Even cane sugar is destructive in the body…think of the thousand upon thousands of years before its use was introduced…
    I’d also love to find a Mexican restaurant that wasn’t a refried and smothered with cheese experience. Dining in Tulum was fantastic…yes, Americans settle and that’s another root of the problem, too. Our real power is in our dollars and how we spend them. Stop eating at the junk restaurants, stop buying the junk foods. That’s all we can do and it is what we should be doing anyway. 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head Shellie and thank you for all the other information as well. It’s good for people to hear. It’s true, they may get high fructose and other strange ingredients cheaply but if we don’t buy them they will change their tune as it’s all about the bottom line rather than safety or goodness. I remember when they all laughed at organics and now they have jumped on the bandwagon. And what is organics but real food without all the chemical engineering. What a concept! As always, I appreciate your views and support!!

  5. purpleowltree1234

    I so don’t get the American crappy food thing. Seriously, with your health are, education and GM foods and pesticides used in your foods, I’m glad to live in Australia. Even though there are lots of AWESOME North American people. sigh.
    Yes, LOVE the products that don’t have the crap in them. Glad you’ve found Mexican Coke. The main difference with Hershey’s chocolate and Cadbury’s (Australia’s main chocolate) is also the sugar from corn syrup. Hershey’s uses it and Australia doesn’t. We can’t even buy corn syrup for pancakes here.
    Interesting what people get used to…
    D. X

    • I know Rach, what does it say out our society that the corporate world has traded in safety and real food for even more money than they have already? How many millions are enough? I don’t think Americans realize how other countries don’t put up with this sort of thing. I remember hearing that American chocolate companies were trying to break into other countries/markets but their “chocoloate” didn’t have enough real cocoa to qualify as chocolate. I’d be embarrassed if I were them. It boggles the mind!

  6. There is a place near me that sells Mexican Cokes, but I’ve never gotten around to trying one. Now I feel the urge to give it a go sometime.

    • Thanks for the read Dienna, give it a try! I feel bad that I’m promoting a soft drink but you may taste the difference and then not buy other things that are made with inferior and questionable ingredients, so, enjoy!

  7. Mexican Coke is excellent! There’s a little Mexican market near me that sells them glass-bottled. Yum!

  8. Great post with lots of food for thought!
    I think one might also add what about all the antibiotics pumped into our cattle and poultry to prevent disease and fatten them up, so there`s more meat to sell? These end up guess where?….of course, in our bodies! And then we complain and throw our hands up in the air in horror, if we get all these multidrug resistant microbes and very little new antibiotics in the pipeline!!!

    • Oh! Don’t even get me started lol. You are so right. Is it crazy that we have to pay MORE for foods that DON’T have harmful ingredients and foods that are not foods at all! I always buy cage free natural eggs and try to buy meat , milk and yogurt that is not antibiotic laden and you got it right exactly-flesh eating diseases, drug resistance….we are killing ourselves with this crap!

  9. just to show you we are not a flash in the pan post your freshly pressed, we at Mother Sugar would like to give you the ‘one lovely blog’ award. congrats!

  10. I get pissed everytime I see all this modified garbage in the grocery stores. This country is seriously addicted to cornsyrup. The governement recently decided to bann softdrinks in public school, but they still heavily subsidize corn growers for the high fructose corn syrup. Its bad for you in school but its so good everywhere else that they receive one of the biggest subsidies from taxpayers? What the hell is wrong with them? Its 1am here and I’m hungry, drunk, & pissed!!

    • lol oh no, sorry I ruined your buzz! I don’t think people are addicted to it, I think they don’t give a crap. As Shellie said, there is this misconception that if it’s in a store it must be ok for us. Meanwhile companies in bed with the FDA make billions and have taken over every little farm out there for rows of cornfields as far as the eye can see. It’s not like you eat it and have a reaction immediately. I wish it were that easy and clear cut. Do you remember when they were irradiating all our food for better shelf life? No one said much about that either!

  11. I, too, love the Mexican Coke over the American version. I hate how much high fructose corn syrup is hidden in so much of our food and drinks. It seems you have to read every label these days. But we as the consumer do have power, we vote every time we buy one product and don’t buy another. If there were no demand for the “bad” foods, the companies would quickly stop supplying it and start supplying what people are willing to buy. If we were all more conscientious consumers, we could change the world. Check out my rant on my blog, Vote Every Day.

    • We definitely have power to use our money in ways that show corporate America what we want and what we won’t tolerate! Conscientiousness is key! Great comment, thank you!!

  12. Well said. Yes, let’s hope that enough people will speak with their wallets so that the corporations who produce highly processed products will have no choice but to develop whole and healthy foods to market.

    And…thank you for the follow and the kind comment. 🙂


  13. Great post. Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve heard from others who are from other countries that their food is more flavorful and filling than the American food when they come here. They are able to eat as much – sometimes more – in their home countries while being much healthier. I’ve heard some say that they gain weight in America eating less and feeling less satisfied and as soon as they go home they drop the added weight simply through the change in diet – i.e. less chemically altered food.

    • Thanks Trok and I totally agree, having lived in the UK and been to Italy a couple of times, it is unbelievable how much more flavorful the food is outside of this country. I remember growing up with my grandmother saying food used to taste better and I thought it was just her tastebuds but now I believe her. I think companies have lowered the bar more and more as they use fillers to cut costs which leads to less and less integrity in what they say and sell. Thanks for the read and for your comments 🙂

  14. I found you through Dor’s blog and award recommendation! I wanted to tell you, we just moved to Australia from the US about 18 months ago, and one of the first thing we noticed that Coke was made with sugar – not HFCS – it tasted like it did ‘in the old days’! Though Australia is (sadly) following the US with regards to its lack of concern about chemicals and GMO’s etc, the coke is as good as it was years ago! I have enjoyed your post and will add you to my blogroll! 😉

    • Aww, thanks! Congratulations on the move, hope you’re enjoying Oz. The difference with real ingredients is amazing. Sorry to hear that about chemicals though. Thanks for your kind compliment and for checking out my blog, I appreciate it!

  15. Anonymous

    Australians are not safe from GMO . GM seed oils like Canola are mixed in with normal seeds and then processed. Watch how Canola oil is made on youtube, I no longer use Canola oil just because of the way they process it. They us solvents ,caustic soda and bleach in the process.
    If GM ingredients are processed enough to destroy the proteins of GM ingredients then the product does not need to be labelled in Australia.
    I have emailed coca-cola about GM ingredients in there products and got no reply.
    Australia has an ACT for GMO

  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This sounds an interesting experience – something brought out from the back deemed the real Coke. It is such a treat to have an original anything these days.

    I can imagine a bus tour in the town you were in, stoppinin on that cafe – it would be a crowd puller. Good for you to write about it and share it with, someone so far, far away from Mexico.

  17. Reblogged this on Living a simple life in Malaysia (yeah, right!) and commented:
    There IS a Mexican coke.. and that’s the REAL thing! (take a close look at the ingredients next time you get a COKE)

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