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English: L'Occitane Garden, Chelsea Flower Sho...
English: L’Occitane Garden, Chelsea Flower Show, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, I admit it. I have too much time on my hands during this heat wave. I am happy to remain indoors until it breaks and have found myself watching more TV than usual. I have the following questions:

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 (Photo credit: Karen Roe)

1)  HGTV-Does it not stand for Home and Garden Television?  I’ve never seen a gardening show on this channel. And the home repair shows need to move to the DIY channel if you ask me.  There is so much opportunity to air shows like the Chelsea Flower Show  which is an inspiring few days of jaw dropping gardening artistry and would make anyone want to get outside and plant. Instead they crank out show after show about selling a house, buying a house or fixing a house.  There are garden shows all over the world, why not show some?  We need inspiration people!

2) A&E-it started out well. Lofty ideals.  Arts and Entertainment. Self-explanatory.  However it has taken a dive into seediness and murder. Which would make it the S&M channel.  How did they segue into shows like Snapped which they broadcast ad nauseam?  I expected Opera, performance shows highlighting dance, acting and music and a Broadway show thrown in here and there for good measure.  A quick review of the programming reveals: Sell This House, Flip This House, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (what?), and Criminal Minds.  What philistine took over the network and settled on the basest programming they could find?  It is the antithesis of what A&E stands for and was meant to broaden the mind and bring joy, was it not?

Deutsch: Coco Loco Beach / Palawan

4)  The Learning Channel-wow! if any channel raised my hopes it was this one. I’m thinking foreign languages, self-growth, a bit of History and Science-anything to broaden the mind. Let’s see what we’ve got on tap:  Randy to the Rescue (a wedding dress show), Say Yes To The Dress (a wedding dress show), Four Houses (a show where self-absorbed people compete to see who has the best house despite having completely different tastes in design and decor) and of course, what learning channel would not be complete without Real Life Mysteries, Medical Mysteries and a show about addiction. Teach me how to change my own oil. Why not bring in experts in Photography to help us work our digital cameras?  And of course for those aging among us, ratings would soar if they aired shows about new technology and how to use it.

5)  The BBC-this one is painful for me as well.  It was very difficult to leave the UK knowing I would not have access to fantastic programming and honest/real content. The BBC news alone opened my eyes to all that was going on in the world, news Americans are not privy to unless they dig for it. Ok, they show nudity and allow cursing which the moral majority may object to but their shows reflect the real world and ask real world questions and dramas and comedies are second to none.  Their made for tv movies are what we put in Masterpiece Theater years later!  I was elated when BBC America first aired however they too have taken to showing hours of old Star Trek episodes or day long marathons of Top Gear (I like the show but come on!). Any hint of nudity or cursing is blurred and beeped which defeats the purpose-this network should be on a premium channel and allowed to be the BBC. PS-for the love of tea and crumpets, don’t do subtitles on British shows. Give people a minute to train their ears to a mild accent change. We can take it!

Many of the channels, no matter the genre, have filler shows about auctions, shark attacks and police arrests. Mind numbing shows meant to….do what? Of course we haven’t even started on reality tv, crappy made for tv movies and biased news.  Either those in broadcasting believe that Americans really are too stupid to notice the sub par content they air or producers, writers and developers are  paid a lot of money to do very little indeed.

Maybe they just need someone to organize and put shows in their proper places and on the correct channels. Surely some tv queen of clutter can help them out.

Can we not aspire to more inspiring ideas that make one feel they’ve experienced something instead of regretting they spent an hour watching one of these shows, knowing it was an hour they will never get back?  My nook is looking better by the minute.



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