Hot Flash? News Flash!


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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been filled with a mild anxiety.  Am I perimenopausal?  Men? Come back, come on back, it’s ok. I’m not going there.  I wondered this because every evening for the past couple of weeks, I began to feel flushed  around 9pm and could not understand why. I was downright hot and had to turn on the ceiling fan in whatever room I was in.  Then the gasp. Oh my God is this a hot flash?  Do women become hot all of a sudden? Is this it? I tried to calm myself down thinking ok I’ll research menopause and see what I have to do.  There must be something I can do I thought, as I fanned myself furiously. I figured that I would need a game plan to come to terms with early aging and all that entailed.  One thing I knew for sure is that I would not take hormones.  Didn’t they say wild yam helped? Or edamame?  There was so much to look up!

Then the other day I came home and instead of walking into the kitchen with my mail as I usually did, I saw my cat in the dining room and went in to scoop her up. As I did, I passed the thermostat.  78??? How is it 78 degrees in here?  It didn’t feel like 78 degrees and was “in recovery” trying to get back down to 74 degrees.  I have a programmable thermostat and in the spring and summer leave it on 74 degrees all the time. I never even thought to check the thermostat when having these “hot flashes” because I knew I had it set to 74.  Lo and behold! I looked through the schedule and it had re-set itself to 83 degrees at 8pm. No wonder! So by 9pm the whole house was hot, it was not me! It also dawned on me that approximately 2 weeks before we had had a huge storm and the electricity had been out while I was at work as evidenced by the microwave and stove blinking the time at me.  Ah, so the power outage caused the thermostat to reset. I see. Wait for it….Oh! That means I’m not having hot flashes after all! Yippeeee!

How funny it is that one life event can have us re-evaluating it all. That’s it, I’m old!  This is the beginning of the end! I’m going to fight it every step of the way.  Oh the joy when I realized that fight would be for another day, hopefully a long time from now.   At least for now, homeostatis, hormones and my thermostat are holding steady.



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9 responses to “Hot Flash? News Flash!

  1. I have a friend who had a very early menopause and went on to become a dancer and a gymnast. She still is. Progesterone cream, for when the time comes. Not everyone flashes and there is liberation there, too! 🙂

    • Wow! You’re fast!! I’m just glad it’s not happening yet. That’s great news. I know life goes on after menopause but hot enough with 100 degree weather, was thrilled to know it wasn’t hot flashes! thanks for the info.

  2. Hot flash? ROFL, you are a boundless writer 🙂
    You got hot flash to look forward to and I got irratable male syndrome(IMS) to look forward to…hahaha

  3. Chris, just glad you’re not laughing at me! I have a half written story about men and their beloved irritability!

  4. purpleowltree1234

    What a relief! 🙂 That is quite funny! I love it when your whole world and life gets re-evaluated in a moment of crisis then you realise it was not a crisis after all. 🙂 Life can be tricky!
    Love from Rach 🙂

  5. I’m still laughing (not at you) but at your oh so candid story. Having come and gone out of the hot flash stage I can only rejoice with you that you have not arrived there mid-summer! 🙂 My face used to turn neon red if the thermostat went to 72!

    • lol, thanks! Yeah they don’t sound fun that’s for sure! Glad you’re on the other side of it. There are definitely benefits to menopause! I’m always working in an office of women in menopause and the office is freezing!

  6. I so enjoy your humor. Keep writing.

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