Craziness Part 1-Driving


Here are the 13 craziest things I’ve noticed

other drivers doing on the road lately, all whilst in motion:

1) Woman using an eyelash curler then putting on mascara.  Not lipstick. Mascara, that entails putting a very pointy wand near the eye, not to mention the need to stare closely into a mirror. Not the road. A mirror!

2) Men, speeding up, then slowing down, speeding up, slowing down….oh! they are on the phone and unable to take in information, process it and respond while maintaining the same speed.  Cut to me, accelerating, slamming on my brakes, accelerating, slamming on brakes, cursing, slamming on my brakes. Gotta love the narrow corpus collosum and inability to multi-task.

3)  You knew texting would be on this list-I see people looking down, looking up, looking down longer than looking up and getting the full effect of my horn which beeps more than bellows when they regularly cross the double yellow line and are heading right toward me.  Daily occurence this.

4)  People holding a cigarette in one hand, and phone in the other. Others hold coffee cup in one hand and ciggie in the other.  What is driving the car? And, you’re “driving” behind me!  That’s comforting.

5)  Man driving glacially slow in front of me.  Why?  Well I found out as I passed him at the earliest convenience, dirty look at the ready. He was patting down and trying to brush his very messy bedhead with his little stubby fingers. He then proceeded to whip out his electric shaver. Sigh.

6)  A maddening 30 minute drive behind a woman who put on a full face of makeup-from foundation to mascara. Her car was slowly drifting off to the shoulder and I prepared myself to have to maneuver around her when she finally went off the road. So, should I make out my will because she’s running late?

7) Woman driving slowly because she’s talking to her kids in the car- reaching behind her to get “things”, pulling “things” out of a bag, hoisting bag from the back to the front seat, passing “things to said kids in backseat. I never understand why these parents don’t have a problem putting their kids lives at risk.

8) Older gentleman driving ridiculously slow.  Why you ask? Because, he was thoroughly enjoying watching his lap dog enjoy the wind in its hair. At 8am in the morning? Are you trying to give me a stroke?

9)  I was driving behind a man who was there one minute and gone the next as his head popped down and then stayed down! Where did he go?  Uh, hello? Who is driving the car!?!  Did he check into an alternate reality?  Was he hungrily fishing around for old french fries? Sending a fax? Let me guess, he dropped the cell phone while texting and putting all of our lives at risk while he attempted to retrieve it!   I’m sorry, that gets an automatic beep from me.

10) Woman, um, teacher? Marking papers on her steering wheel while driving to work during rush hour.  What a sterling example of those setting examples for your children.  Just thought you should know.

11) As I approached a left turning lane and proceeded to steer through the intersection, I noticed that the woman to my right was holding a china dish in one hand and flatware in the other, eating what appeared to be an enjoyable meal with not a care in the world.  Again, what was driving the car?  The all-seeing knee?

12)  A couple of weeks ago,  I witnessed a  woman driving as she took a picture of herself.  She was drifting all over the road, then decided the first pic wasn’t good enough so gave it a good smile and took another, at speed. Surely you can finish off your online dating profile when you get home…if you get home, I should say.

13) I was waiting at a light to make a left hand turn. The light turned yellow (amber for my Brits) and something told me not to go. Sure enough, a man ran the light that had turned red, as his head and neck were facing the back seat. That bears repeating. The man drove through a busy intersection, through a red light facing the opposite way! Gobsmacked!

I find myself beeping at people to help them from hurting themselves. I’m more afraid for them than I am for myself in most of these scenarios. To paraphrase the captain in Hill Street Blues, for the love of all that’s holy, let’s be careful out there!


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12 responses to “Craziness Part 1-Driving

  1. After reading this, I find myself feeling really blessed not to have to regularly travel during rush hour. Things are crazy on the roads at other times, for sure, and people are totally out of their minds. But it sounds like people are trying to catch a little extra shut eye and now are shutting their eyes to the road they’re driving.
    I wonder if the police department would set up a call #, that could be speed dialed, to report the license plate when seeing these things. Maybe they would get a letter telling them they were observed doing thus and so and if they get more than this one letter they will start being fined…I have seen the cigarette and phone driver recently…and had several times when I saw cars and even a tractor trailer go through an already red light. Yes, this is Crazy for sure…can’t wait to see Crazy #2…

  2. And now I think I will stay in rural Aamerica forever. Hardly any cars on the road so I can drift around happily ignorant of all those people who are a danger to themselves. 🙂 Great post on the perils of careless driving.

    • I don’t blame you! Thanks for reading it and hope you are well! I look forward to catching up on your posts as well. Haven’t been on in a couple of months.

  3. purpleowltree1234

    Omg. Just omg.
    I saw a picture on Facebook of a beautiful red car right under a truck. The driver’s head was apparently on the back seat. He’d been texting and drove into the truck from behind it.
    A friend of mine hit a car going through a red light. The mother driver on that car had been reaching back to give something to her child in the back seat. She died. My friend didn’t.

  4. Yup, real scary, isn’t it?
    Just thank your God that you don’t ride a motorcycle….. When we get hit, all anyone has to say is ‘Sorry, I didn’t see you,’ and go home for their tea… all nice and cosy.
    Been riding bikes for some forty-two years now, and believe me, the odds of surviving much longer are getting ever shorter…
    The older I get (58) the more I resent sharing the air with an increasing number of people
    Kevin, Taunton, Somerset, UK.

    • I don’t feel safe in the car, can’t imagine being on a bike…I always stay well away as I’m afraid I might hit someone if they happen to go down. When I traveled from Rugby to Weymouth, I saw a horrendous accident and after waiting on the motorway for 4 hours to get past it, there was a motorcycle under the wheels of a lorry. It was heartwrenching to see…I was happy the next day though when someone told us the guy made it out ok! Good to hear from you Kevin and hey! Trade in that bike for a nice big car ‘ )

  5. OMG – #9 gave me the chills! Driving requires driving – nothing else. I had to take a defensive driving course for my job – amazing what some people think they can do while driving – think about it too long scares the crud out of you! I have seen some really bad accidents lately in my neck of the woods and accidents that have caused serious harm and in one case this morning the lady hit died – so tragic. Great Post & Reminder to Be Aware when Driving and to DRIVE!!!

    • It really is scary..I’m hearing more and more about accidents caused by texting but there is so much more going on out there as you can see! So sad and unnecessary. Thanks for the read and your thoughtful comment.

  6. It is amazing the things people do. I remember my dad telling me when I was learning to drive that I was in control of a ton of metal travelling at 60 mph. The older I get, the more I get a sense of the physics of traveling that fast and the more I am frightened of the people that do not have the common sense to pay attention.

    • So funny you say that. Since I began driving I’ve always been very aware of the force of the car and drive very defensively for that reason. I think if we don’t assume others will do the right thing on the road we will be ok lol Drive safe and thanks for your comments 🙂

  7. Everyone needs to stop trying to multitask all the time 😦 So scary

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